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Hey, guys! Today’s blog post is a few tips on how to transform your wardrobe for less (less being money, of course)!

I often have beautiful, beautiful fantasies of getting rid of all of my clothes, and going on a massive shopping spree and replacing everything; but alas, all it will ever be is a fantasy because that sh*t would be wayy too expensive, and I actually love most of my clothes these days. I have spent the last year or so donating clothes, adding pieces, and finding the right accessories for my personal style. I still have a ways to go, but below are some of my favorite tips & tricks I’ve picked up along the way!

  1. 1. Clean out your closet- get rid of everything you never wear. Get rid of all of the odds and ends, the shirts you never wear that you’ve had since high school (maybe even middle school if you’re a real hoarder), the loose socks you’ve had for years, scarfs, shoes, everything!! Let go of sentimental clothing “memories” because let’s face it, you’re only ever remembering the memories when you are considering getting rid of the clothes. I’ve gone through all of these steps already, and I don’t miss a thing.
  1. 2. Pick a color pallet- Now that you’ve cleaned out your closet, analyze what you have left. Most of It will probably be within a color pallet and specific style. Go through your clothes, figure out the ones you love most, and establish your color pallet. Donate clothes you never wear and clothes that are not in your color pallet. My favorite color is pink, but most of my clothes are white, gray, navy, and other neutral tones. Instead, I choose accessories that are pink!

  2. – Since cleaning my closet and simplifying my wardrobe (read more about that here), I have actually felt like I have more options because I only have clothes I love now, and the colors all match so I could basically mix match all of my clothes. Simplifying your wardrobe is a great way of realizing the colors, textures, and styles of clothing you truly love wearing. Less is more

  3. 3. GO TO THE THRIFT STORE- I can’t stress this enough. Thrift stores have a bad rep of being gross, and they are if you don’t wash the clothes before you wear them, but I find amazing, gently worn clothes at the thrift store all of the time, and you obviously can’t beat the prices! The thrift store is especially good for finding basic tops and blouses, and it’s perfect for filling in wardrobe gaps after your clothing purge!
  1. 4. Clean your shoes- I don’t know why cleaning your shoes isn’t as common as washing your clothes, but it’s not. However, washing your shoes with shoe cleaner can bring a perfectly good pair of shoes back to life (See example below). Some shoes you can even pop in the washing machine (not all shoes can go in the wash- use common sense and read labels if you’re unsure). Nice looking shoes are a major upgrade to any outfit!
  2.  5. Buy new accessories- dangly earrings, new bracelets, chokers, or rings can be super inexpensive, and they can bring an outfit from average to fabulous in a second. My personal favorite accessory is dangly earrings because I think they add such a nice touch to an outfit! I buy all of my earrings from Burlington and Target for $3-5 a pair (Target has really good clearance sales on earrings, Burlington just has amazing prices! #NotSponsored). Burlington and Target also tend to have the same accessories as Forever21 or HM for 1/3 of the price!

6. Learn New Hairstyles- learn a braid, try a new part, look up new hairstyles. I personally think hair is the most important accessory. Hair can TOTALLY change your look- If you are wearing sweats and a t-shirt, but your hair looks nice, it becomes a look #Athleisure; whereas if your hair is messy and looks like sweatpants and a t-shirt, you look sloppy. If you add a new hairstyle to compliment one of your favorite regular outfits, it will change the dynamic of your outfit! Never underestimate a good hairstyle (maybe even throw in a dangly earring + a new hairstyle amirite).

I hope these tips help you create your perfect wardrobe!

Thanks for reading!


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