D I Y :: Stylish Twist on Tie-Dye

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 Hey guys! Today’s post is a quick little DIY for stylish and wearable tie-dye!

The weather is getting warmer and warmer and the summer months always bring out my free-spirited, tie-dye loving self! While I love kickin’ back in a classic neon tie-dye t-shirt, it’s not exactly something you can wear every day. I’m all about tacky but tie-dye can be a little aggressive, so I have found a way to make it a little more stylish and wearable! Keep reading for a step by step tutorial for faded, simple, and stylish tie-dye!

  • – M A T E R I A L S –
  • Tie-dye kit
  • Gloves
  • Stylish white shirt (I bought mine at the thrift store so I didn’t have to possibly ruin an expensive shirt!)
  • Elastics
  • Newspaper
  • .
  • – Keep reading for step-by-step instructions –

Step 1- Lay your newspaper covering the floor/ table you will be working on. You will regret not doing this if you don’t because this WILL get messy!

Step 2- For this simple tie-dye pattern, I used the “crunch” method, which means to lay the shirt flat on the newspaper, and the scrunch it up with your fingers until it is (for lack of better words), in a ball-ish thing. It should look as it’s pictured below.

Step 3- After you’ve crumbled the shirt, tie elastics around it to keep it bunched up, as seen below.

Step 4- Now it’s time for the dye! Make sure you have your gloves on before working with the dye, because you WILL get dye on your hands. Take it from me, someone who thought they were above getting dye on their hands. You WILL get it on your hands if you don’t have gloves on. (:

***To get a less neon color, I dumped about 2/3 of the blue dye powder out of the bottle, and I added a little red powder to create a more toned down navy blue color, as opposed to bright neon blue. Fill the rest of the bottle with warm water, and shake thoroughly to mix the color up.

Step 5- After you’ve mixed the dye, its finally time to put it on the shirt! This is a more personal step, depending on the amount of white space you want to have on your shirt. Don’t worry about following the lines of the elastics like a traditional tie-dye, and also make sure not to completely saturate the shirt so it doesn’t dye too harshly. I placed my dye “randomly” while also making sure to dye specific details and areas of the shirt.

Step 6- With a traditional tie-dye, you would leave the shirt balled up with the elastics to make sure the colors don’t bleed, but since you’re not completely saturating the shirt with dye, you can take the elastics off of the shirt and un-crumple it. I hung mine on a hanger to dry.

Step 7- Before I hung my shirt to dry, I laid it out on the newspaper to see the pattern I created. With a little more white space than I wanted, I kept the shirt flat and flicked the bottle of dye at the shirt (like you would with splatter painting).

Step 8- Leave the shirt to dry for at least 8 hours (I let mine dry for the rest of the day and over night because I’m lazy and didn’t feel like doing laundry hehe). Wash and dry the shirt as normal and….voila! This shirt can be dressed up, or it can be worn with sweats while lounging around the house, it’s so diverse!

         I hope you enjoyed this DIY! Get creative, mix colors, tie-dye more than just T-shirts, and have fun!! For more fun – SUMMER – DIY’s, click here and here!

Thanks for reading!



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