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 Hey guys!

Today’s post is probably my first negative review that I’ve ever done! I usually won’t do a review if I don’t like a product because I don’t want to spread that kind of negativity, but I also don’t want people to think that I love e v e r y t h i n g  I try; so I am here to report to you one of my beauty disappointments: Dove Volume & Fullness dry shampoo. 

I originally bought this dry shampoo in a rush on my way to work because I ran out of dry shampoo the day before, and if I’m being honest, my hair was wayyyy too ratchet to go to work dry shampoo-less (and I didn’t have enough time to shower before work, woops). I went into the CVS across from my work and while they DID have my usual Batiste, it was like  $10.00 (I usually buy my Batiste at Marshall’s for $4.79)! I quickly scanned through my options, and went with this Dove dry shampoo because it was only 5 or 6 dollars, and Dove is usually a pretty good brand so I figured it would be fine.

I sprayed the dry shampoo in my hair as soon as I got in my car (not my best idea considering I inhaled half of it) and I was immediately disappointed. The dry shampoo didn’t really make my hair look any cleaner, and it definitely didn’t make it feel any cleaner! Instead, it gave my hair a squeaky, wet-feeling texture. I also felt no sense of volume or fullness (something I always get out of batiste), and my hair looked greasy again by the end of the day (another thing that never happens with Batiste- Batiste keeps my hair lookin’ fab all day)!

With each day, I gave my Dove dry shampoo another shot. I gave it another opportunity to make me love it, with no such luck. I even wanted to love it. I finished my bottle of Dove dry shampoo this morning and I couldn’t be more relieved to get back to a dry shampoo I love and trust (looking at you Batiste).

On the bright side, the Dove dry shampoo smells lovely.

I hope you enjoy reading this review! Have you tried Dove dry shampoo?? How do you feel about it??

Thanks for reading!


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    Dang it! I wish I came across this review before I bought this dry shampoo! I went through the exact same motions and while I haven’t actually tried it yet (I literally bought a bottle a couple hours ago), I’m a little apprehensive now. Good thing it was cheap!
    P.S. Batiste (original) is my holy grail!

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      Hahaha, well I hope you have better luck with it than me! #BatisteForLife

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