F A S H I O N :: The Importance of Finding Jeans you Love

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Ahhhh jean shopping. Good ol’ jean shopping. I don’t know what I hate more, jean shopping or bathing suit shopping (just kidding bathing suit shopping is definitely worse).

I’m pretty sure I haven’t worn jeans since like like 2009 (there’s only slight exaggeration in that- one time I wore jeans to work and someone actually told me they don’t think they’ve ever seen me wear jeans before), but the reason for that is because I haven’t owned a pair of jeans that I loved! Jean shopping is the death of me because I can never find a pair of jeans that fits the right way. They’re either too long, too low, bunch up in weird places, and also I have like 3 different jean sizes depending on where I shop. Eventually I tell myself “this is why I love leggings” and call it a day with the jean shopping.

However! I have been determined to find a pair of jeans that I love (read: comfortable) and that I can wear with anything, specifically high waisted blue jeans. I found them at Urban Outfitters on my second try #fate, and they’re comfy, the perfect length, and they’re a classic blue! I am SO excited about them! I even sat on my couch with them on yesterday!  Which brings me to my new found revelation:

Owning a pair of jeans that you LOVE is essential to your style, and to your overall confidence!

I love how jeans look with an outfit, and the reason I hate jeans is because when I feel full, bloated, or let’s be honest, when I’m just plain sitting, jeans show no mercy. When I eat a big meal, jeans make me feel like I ate 6 big meals, and it makes me self conscious and uncomfortable for the rest of the day! It’s so easy to turn to leggings (which I will still be doing 90% of the time), but sometimes life calls for jeans!

Jeans are powerful and owning a pair of jeans that you feel confident in is an amazing feeling! Show yourself some love and go jean shopping and don’t call it quits until you find a pair you love.

I recommend these ones.

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