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  • – Excited to announce that I can FINALLY cross this off of my bucket list –

Last year my Instagram feed was blowing up with this tulip farm, and when I finally decided to go the farm, it was already closed. Apparently Tulip season is only like 3 days long, who knew. I was DETERMINED to go this year, so even though it was only 50 degrees (definitely less than 50 degrees btw), I came, I saw, and I picked!

I don’t really know what to say other than that the tulips were absolutely dreamy, and everyone working was extremely nice and helpful, even though it was SO COLD! Supporting local business is always important, but it’s especially awesome when you know the money is going to such nice people! Flowers are $1/stem and work on the honor system! I highly recommend that you go! (but go soon because like I said, you blink and you’ve already missed tulip season)

  • – When Jason makes fun of you for only picking pink flowers so you have to pick a doomsdale flower to compensate –


               It’s times like these when I realize I really do need to have a blog. You can only Instagram so many times without looking like a crazy person no matter how good the photo…so what a waste of pretty yet pointless pictures my life would be, amirite?

**Lots of photo creds to Jay for being my personal photographer!**

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