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Hey, guys! Today’s quick review is for Tarte’s Maracuja face oil!

I’ve already talked about this oil in my post about why face oils are amazing (here) and it’s also been featured in my daily skin care routine, here! This product is my absolute favorite face oil, and I love it so much that I think it deserves its own blog post!

First off, this product is perfect for all skin types (even oily!!). A lot of people are scared of putting oil on their face (especially people with oily skin) because they’re afraid of breaking out, but it’s just the opposite! Adding oil to your skin with balance out how much oil your skin is producing, and it will actually start producing less oil! It works the same way that washing your hair less will make your hair produce less oil because it doesn’t have to over compensate for being stripped by chemicals!

Every night after I wash my face I moisturize with coconut oil, and then I put the maracuja oil under my eyes and around my T-zone. When I wake up I am G L O W I N G, and it never fails to amaze me how well this product works! After I use this oil, my skin looks so supple and healthy and my redness goes down drastically. My skin looks 1 million times better, and it feels softer than ever! I know I sound info-mercially, but the oil is just so amazing I can’t not rave about it!!! The Maracuja oil is only $16 if you buy the smaller sized bottle, and it will last you a couple of months (a couple of drops go a long way!)

I promise you are MISSING OUT on better skin if you don’t buy this oil, and to date, this is my most life changing beauty product!

 **gluten, sulfate, paraben, phthalate, mineral oil free. Vegan.

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