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   Hey, guys!

Today’s post is a classic “what’s in my bag” post! I have never been the kind of person who brings all of my makeup around with me for mid-day touchups, but I admire those people. The only time I bring makeup out with me is if I’m wearing a bold lip, which will inevitably need to be re-applied. However, I do like mid-day “refrehers”, and products that keep me lookin’ and feeling alive during long days!

I always love reading “what’s in my bag” posts. I don’t know what exactly is so exciting about them, but I love them! I guess I’m just nosey and like to see what other people consider “essentials” (:

Keep reading to know my bag essentials!

  • – WHAT’S IN MY BAG –
  • 1. Wallet (duh)
  • 2. Sunglasses I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a situation where you desperately needed your sunglasses and didn’t have them, but it SUCKS. Nothing is worse than being stranded without sunglasses, especially when driving.
  • 3. Rosewater – As you can see, my rosewater is almost gone! I definitly need to re-up, because I LOVE having this rosewater around! This is the first of the already-mentioned “refresher” products. At any point that I’m feeling hot, groggy, or tired, I spray rosewater on my face and immediately feel better. This will especially come in handy all summer! Full rosewater review here
  • 4. Eye-drops- As a contact wearer, I NEED eyedrops at all times just incase, but I also love having eye-drops because they are so refreshing! I buy lubricated + cooling eyedrops which is a huge pick-me-up. Sometimes when my eyes feel tired and puffy I just feel all around blah, and eye drops always make me feel a million times better!

5. Eyelash Wand- This is probably an eyelash-extension thing, but I love having a mascara-less mascara wand so I can comb through my eyelashes. I love doing this right after eye drops, because it makes me feel so much brighter and more awake! The eyelash wand is also useful for combing your eye brows!

6. Backup Glasses- If the eyedrops fail me and my contacts, I always have my glasses on hand incase I have to drive/ do basically anything because I am so blind!

7. Hand-sanitizer- Gas pumps, doors, eating, you name it, and you should probably use hand sanitizer after it. I love having it on me at all times.

8. Altoids- The “curiously strong” mints, these refresh your breath so well (they are so strong they make me sneeze lol). I feel like a new person when I eat one. Mints + eye drops + rosewater = DREAM TEAM.

9. Clear/Lightly colored Lipgloss – Lipgloss is great to have around when you need a little extra something. My go-to is Too faced Lip Injection Extreme lip plumper because it’s clear so it goes with anything, it smells delicious, and it plumps my lips! I also like to keep a peach Michael Kors lipgloss/roller perfume in my bag.

That’s everything!

Thanks for reading! What are your bag essentials??


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