HAPPIE THOUGHTS :: I Hate the Rain but the Flowers Love it

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Hey, guys!

All I have to say about all of this rain is UGH. Where did the sun go????

I’m all for a nice romanticized summer rainstorm- the kind at the end of an extremely hot week when it starts down-pouring even though it’s still hot outside and it sounds #SoZen, but this!! It’s been raining for 40 days and 40 nights. I’m ready to be tan, to start wearing shorts, to go to the BEACH.  Everyday I’m so annoyed with the weather…and then I remember, it’s not just humans living on this earth. The plants, trees, rivers, they all need this rain. The rain is more than some picturesque summer storm.

Nature is in full bloom right now, and it’s because of the rain! About a week ago it rained for a full week straight, and by the end of it, I noticed that EVERYTHING was alive! (including the bugs which, TBH, I could 10000% live without). But look at the leaves! The flowers! The grass! Everything is so green and luscious, it proves that the Earth knows exactly what it needs. I guess New England just needed a little bit (read: a lot) of water these last couple of weeks.


  • – Read a new book. I just finished reading milk and honey
  • – Clean your room
  • – Watch a new series on netflix
  • – Bake something new. I saw these on Pinterest this morning. They look delicious.
  • – Watch a new series on Netflx while cleaning your room, while eating blueberry pie bites that you just made.

I still look at my weather app every day waiting for some sun, but it’s nice to know the rain IS benefitting something, and that the rain isn’t just trying to get in the way of my tanning time. April showers bring May Flowers! Get pumped up for Summer and read my Summer appreciation post. Thanks for reading!


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