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Hey, guys!

Today’s post was sparked by a conversation I had with my best friend about a week ago, and then randomly again with my boyfriend just days later. We were talking about how every hobby or profession comes with its own little world, as long as you dig deep enough!

For example, there is a massive “beauty” community on Instagram, and we all share products, hashtags, ideas, inspiration, and even certain terms that someone who wasn’t involved in the community wouldn’t know about. On the opposite end, there’s a kayaking community of people who know everything about kayaking, from obscure apparel brands to the rules of the water, and everything in between. There are book clubs, knitting circles, Harry Potter freaks (I mean that in the nicest way), interior designers, makeup artists, poker players, foodies, magicians; If you’re interested enough in something, you will eventually become a part of the community without even realizing you’re in it. So why is this profound?

I’ve read many articles, books, and blog posts that all say “good relationships are the key to a long, happy life”, and I 100% agree with that statement! Friends, family, pets, and coworkers become a huge part of your life, and at the end of the day, they’re the people who affect your happiness, or your misery. It’s so important to find your own community because being a part of a community can be life-changing in the best way! Having an interest and sharing that interest with other like-minded people can be such a breath of fresh air!

Many times you won’t find your community in your hometown. In today’s day in age, your community might be online, in a different city, or even in a different country! Just know that there IS a community of people out there for you. You’re not alone. So go find your community!


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