B E A U T Y :: 10 Summer Beauty Faves

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   Hey, guys!

Today I am sharing my summer faves in beauty and fashion! I use each of these things on the daily or at least weekly, so these products and accessories really embody summer for me!

  1. 1. Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer- I like to use a combination of the Physician formula super BB powder which contains SPF 30, and the Physicians Formula butter bronzer (which smells like a pina colada) for a nice even sun-kissed glow that protects me from the sun! The scent of the butter bronzer is to-die-for and the texture of the powder really is like butter ( I mean that in the best way).
  2. 2. Alba Botanica very emollient facial sunscreen- A sunscreen that doesn’t make me breakout or dry out my skin! Full review here!
  3. 3. Batiste dry shampoo- This product isn’t EXCLUSIVE to summer because I love it and use it all year round, but you can definitely get away with it more in the summer, and it is definitely extremely useful all summer. Full review here!
  4. 4. Concealer + chapstick- One of my favorite Instagrammers (@The_salty_blonde -she’s seriously so cool) posted on her Instagram a couple weeks ago that she mixes her concealer with chapstick for the perfect nude lip and I thought it was absolutely genius (read: I’ve been doing it ever since)!
  5. 5. Eyelash extensions- Another year round favorite that comes extra clutch during the summer! Eyelash extensions are my number one beauty recommendation all year, but it’s especially awesome to do outdoor activities makeup free, and still, have fabulous lashes!
  6. 6. Coconut oil- OKAY maybe all of these products are year-round, but they come in especially handy during summer. I love moisturizing with coconut oil, but It’s amazing for lathering up a sunburn! This isn’t a scientific fact, but anytime I have moisturized a sunburn with coconut oil I have never peeled!
  • 1. Sunglasses- Summer + sunglasses = duh. But to me, sunglasses are more than just eye protectors! I love sunglasses, and I think they’re a fabulous accessory to any outfit. Some people are shoe people, some people are bag people, I’m a sunglass person (and a shoe person letsbehonest).
  • 2. Rings- I love rings! Rings are so pretty, they come in all shapes and sizes, and they add such nice bohemian summery touch to any outfit!
  • 3. Off the shoulder tops-  I LOVE off the shoulder tops! They’re one of the biggest trends this year, and I think they are universally flattering on all body types! They’re so cute and feminine, and you can wear them multiple different ways, so a basic colored off the shoulder top is a great investement!
  • 4. Birkenstocks- I honestly don’t know who or where I would be without my birkenstocks. They are my GO-TO shoe whenever it’s not snowing outside because they’re the easiest, comfiest shoes I have ever worn in my life! Who cares if they’re a littttle ugly??

5. Kimonos- kimonos, or the sweaters of summer? Kimonos are so pretty and flowy, and they add such a pretty touch to any outfit! They’re perfect for making you just a teeeeny bit warmer, and a whole lot more fabulous! There are so many different styles of kimono, so there’s a option for anyone!

What are some of your favorite summer things???

Thanks for reading!


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