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Hey, guys!

Today’s super quick post is about a trending phrase I have been hearing a lot of lately, which is “Live your best life.”

“She’s living her best life”

“He’s living his best life”

“I’m living my best life”

I LOVE this phrase because it’s so broad and it can be applied to anyone in any situation (that is, anyone who is living their best life). I think it’s the perfect one-size-fits-all statement because there are so many different versions of success and how to define when someone has “made it”, and not everyone strives for the same things. Everyone’s goals are different so “Living your best life” is a great way to say you (or someone else) is truly living up to their own standards!

This phrase isn’t meant to be so serious because you could say someone is living their best life after they’ve told you they eat ice cream every night or that they can’t wait to go home and watch T.V with their dog like they do every other day, but it is a good question to ask yourself; Am I living my best life? What small changes can I make to start living my best life right now?

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams” -Oprah

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    I love the phrase too. I’ve really embraced trying to “live my best life” in 2017.

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      It’s a great way to live! (:

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