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Hey, guys! Today’s post is a quick little post ft. the purchases I made at Marshall’s this morning!

I looove fashion, I love trends, and I love getting dressed up and getting ready! As a 21 year old living on a college campus, getting dressed up to go out has become a pretty big part of my life (especially since the only other time I get dressed is when I’m going to work or the gym), and lately I realized I REALLY need a pair of black booties as I haven’t been able to wear a lot of outfit ideas because I didn’t have the right shoes.

So today I went shopping at good ol’ Marshall’s in search of black booties, and I found the CUTEST pair of booties ever. I actually spotted them about two weeks ago and I didn’t buy them because they are heels and not wedges (I prefer wedges due to my clumsiness lol),  but I’ve been thinking about them ever since so I decided to go for it, despite the pencil-thin heels. I’m convinced they would be THE perfect shoe if they were wedges! Anywho, they are by Catherine Malandrino. Stay tuned with this blog post to see if I trip and brake an ankle or something while wearing these boots. (:

I ALSO bought this blue velvet shirt that I am OBSESSED with! It has a peplum feel (remember the peplum?) with a tie on the side! I only paid $13 for this shirt, and velvet is super trendy for this season so I’m super excited to wear it! #SheWoreBlueVelvet #LanaDelRey. This shirt is by the brand One clothing. I can’t find a website to link but I’ve bought multiple items from this brand at Marshalls!

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