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Hey, guys!

Happy October 1st! Today I am sharing my super basic list of reasons why I love Fall. These are probably all of your reasons for loving Fall, and we’ve all read a million posts about “Fall things” but I wanted to write this list because I am BEYOND amped for Fall. Fall is the greatest season of all (even if you don’t love pumpkin spice), and these last couple days the weather has been feeling super Fall-y. Keep reading to reminisce with me about all things Fall!

CRISP FALL AIR. You know the smell of Fall? That chilly breeze? When you wake up on football Sunday with nothing to do and all of the windows are open, your Fall themed candle is burning, and you just want to bake pies all day?

APPLE ANYTHING. Apple pie, apple crisp, apple cider, apple picking, apple cider mimosas…..you know?

FALL CANDLES. I am currently burning the Bath & Bodyworks Bourbon Sea Salt Caramel candle, but really any Fall themed candle will do.

FOLIAGE. One of the greatest parts of living in New England (and better yet, Western, Ma), is the foliage! Being surrounded by red, yellow, and orange leaves is totally underrated, and it makes Fall even more magical than it already is!

SWEATERS. I love sweaters. Oversized sweaters, cardigans, fitted sweaters, I love them all (except those sweaters that are super thick and make you look super bulky -hate those). I am a huge believer that sweaters + leggings = a perfect outfit. Throw in a scarf and some boots and you’re a certified Fall fashionista. I can’t wait until it’s chilly enough for this to become my daily uniform!

HALLOWEEN. I hate horror movies and anything tooo scary, but halloween gives me the feels. Any excuse to do cool makeup + dress up; gives me the feels. Also, Hocus Pocus. and pumpkins. and candy. OH AND CARAMEL APPLES.

THANKSGIVING. I am thankful for Thanksgiving. I love everything about it.

MY BIRTHDAY. My birthday is November 27th, and it’s just the best time to have a birthday.

MEMORIES. Fall is the start of the school year, and it feels more like a new year than the actual new year does! My fondest life memories all come from the fall when everything is fresh and new and exciting!

CHRISTMAS. Fall is the beginning of the holiday season which means Christmas songs and Christmas movies (Elf) and hot chocolate are to come. September-December are the greatest months of the year!

   I LOVE FALL AND I DON’T CARE WHO KNOWS IT. Thanks for reading my list! What is your favorite part of Fall?



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    This is such a cosy post! That candle sounds absolutely delicious! Also we have the same feelings towards halloween ahaha – I’ll be cosying up with films like Hocus Pocus, Caspar and The Little Vampire <3 xxx

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