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Hey, guys!

Today I am doing a Fall-themed thrift store haul! I love doing these because I always find amazing things when I go to the thrift store, and at a fraction of the price (I am a living infomercial). But seriously, everything featured in this post ALL together costs $35.00! The thrift store is LOADED with trendy pieces and vintage pieces that are trendy again! It’s so easy to stay in style if you utilize the thrift store, and a HUGE majority of my clothes come from the thrift store to the point where most days I look down at my outfit and notice that half or all of it is from the thrift store!

A lot of people think the thrift store is gross and it IS unless you find pieces that are still in mint condition, and you wash before you wear! I don’t buy anything if it has rips, stains, smells weird, or is clearly very worn. There are a lot of questionable things at the thrift store, but as long as you’re determined and willing to sort through everything, you will find gold!

With the colder weather coming, my focus has been jeans and sweaters. I love buying both of these items from the thrift store because they have already been washed and dried, so there will be no surprises (shrinking) the first time you wash the clothes, and you can basically tell exactly how the clothes are going to fit you! This haul I bought clothes from Banana Republic, Jones New York, Levi, and more! Keep reading to see my awesome finds (:

thrift-store-finds thrift-store-finds thrift-store-finds thrift-store-finds thrift-store-finds – LEVI Black Slimming Bootcut Jeans –

These black Levi jeans were a STEAL because they felt brand new when I bought them! I already have a pair of slimming bootcut blue jeans from Levi (also from the thrift store) and they are my favorite jeans of all time! I bought each pair for around $8.00, but you can find them on the Levi website for at least $50.00


  • – JONES NY High-Waisted Pin-striped Cropped Pants –
  • These pants are super cute, super comfotable, and super professional! I think they will look good with so many different things! I can’t find them online but pants like this from Jones NY usually run for around $80.00.
  • thrift-store-finds
  • – ABERCROMBIE & FITCH High-Rise Wide Leg Jean –
  • I found these jeans just as the “raw hem” started showing up everywhere and I was SO excited. This pair of jeans must be brand new because I was able to find the exact pair on the website (here), and they are originally $76.oo! I think I paid $8.00 for these. These jeans are a LITTLE wide for me, but they are perfect for rolling up, and they actually look like boyfriend jeans when you roll them which is super exciting bc ya girl has thick legs and actual “boyfriend” jeans make me look like I AM the boyfriend…

thrift-store-finds thrift-store-finds

  • – JONES NEW YORK Oversized Cream Sweater –
  • This sweater is actually the first thing I saw when I entered the thrift store. It’s white so I checked it 10000X for stains or rips or anything, but it was perfect. It was meant to be. I can’t find the exact sweater online, but most of their sweaters run from $70-$90. I think I paid $4.00! Find sweaters like it here.
  •          thrift-store-finds thrift-store-finds
  • – BANANA REPUBLIC Jade Turtleneck  –
  • This Fall jewel tones are super trendy, so I was excited to find this jade turtle-neck! It’s a thin material and it’s pretty loose which is great because nothing is worse than a tight turtleneck that chokes you! Sweaters like this are usually around $70.00 at Banana Republic.
  • thrift-store-finds thrift-store-finds
  • – AMERICAN EAGLE Linen Embroidered Kimino –
  • This kimono was an awesome find because I love kimonos, and they’re super trendy right now! I love adding a kimono to outfits to add more texture and layering! Most kimonos on American Eagle’s website around $40-$50.00.
  • thrift-store-finds thrift-store-finds
  • So that’s it! Some awesome Fall-themed thrift store finds! Hopefully this inspires you to go check your local thrift store!
  • Thanks for reading!
  • XX -KK

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