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Summer is HERE! (at least it is this week)

Summer is such a sweet, sweet, time. Summer is carefree, effortless, and all things good in this world. I’m from New England so the summer months bring me life that I try to hold on to year-round. When summer comes, clothes and accessories become more fun and more colorful. Your inner Bohemian hippie self is unleashed and things like hair wraps become appealing to you. At least this happend to me, and the idea of DIY hair wraps popped into my head! So without further ado, DIY Hair wraps are here!

  • -M A T E R I A L S-
  • -tiny elastics
  • (Preferably clear, but I used colored so they are easier to see in pictures)
  • -scissors
  • -string

Step 1-

Choose a small section of hair, and secure it at the top with one of your tiny elastics!


fun summer hair wrap diy

Step 2- Braid the strand of hair, and secure at the bottom with another elastic. ***pretty please ignore the self tanner all over my hands, ha!

Step 3- Choose your string colors, however many you want, and tie them together in a knot at the top of the braid. Make sure each string is around 2 arm spans long.

Step 4- Tie the strings to your hair as close to the top elastic as possible.

Step 5- Time to start the actual hair wrap! If you remember making Chinese staircase bracelets when you were little, the process is exactly like that! if you don’t, follow these steps!

*It’s really a 2 step process: Make a “four” shape with the strings, and pull the string through the figure four until its tight against the hair. Make sure you’re wrapping the string around the hanging strings, and use the same string over and over until you like how thick the chunk of color is.

fun summer hair wrap diy

Step 6- Once you’ve gotten to the end of the strand, or to wherever you want to stop, tie the end of the string into a knot to secure and make sure it doesn’t unravel! you can also remove the bottom elastic!

fun summr hair wrap diy

This should last at least a week, and you can shower with it, but you can also take it out at any time! Just be sure not to brush it!

Thank you to my little sister E.v. and my BFF Jenn for modeling for me!

Hope you enjoy this DIY! Thanks for reading!


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