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Hello girlies!

I have been really excited to do this post because I LOVE to braid my hair, or anyone else’s hair for that matter. When I see random people with really long hair I actually sit there and imagine all of the beautiful braids I could put in it, ha! For me, a good hair day is more important than a good outfit. I truly believe good hair can make even sweatpants and a sweatshirt look good! Good hair is great- but a good BRAID is the best accessory there is (including bad hair days when NOTHING else looks good)! In this post, every hairstyle can be done simply by knowing how to do a dutch braid, which is just a reverse french braid!

  1. 1. Boxer Braid- Made famous by the Kardashian clan- this braid is ghetto-fab-chic and super trendy right now. This look can be achieved by doing a dutch braid, but just using tiny sections of hair and pulling it really tightly!

Dutch Braid Hairstyles

Dutch Braid Hairstyles Dutch Braid Hairstyles

2. Messy Bun Dutch Braid- If I’m being honest, this is actually one of the harder hairstyles. Although it looks easy, this has to be done upside down! BUT, it’s such a cute twist on a classic messy bun!

   Dutch Braid Hairstyles

3. Dutch side Braid- This is my F A V O R I T E braid! I do this braid ALL the time to the point where I can even do it without looking! I think this braid is so pretty, and every time I wear it I get tons and tons of compliments on it! The trick to it is to pull all of your hair to one side, and after you’ve braided it, pull at each section to give it a fuller, thicker, and more “effortless” look!

Dutch Braid Hairstyles Dutch Braid Hairstyles

4. Loose Double Dutch Braids- This braid can be done in the same way as the boxer braids, but just much looser, and with bigger sections. I like for my double dutch braids to be looser and messy, so after I braid my hair I pull and tug at my braids to make them loose, girly, and flowy!

Dutch Braid Hairstyles Dutch Braid Hairstyles

5. Half Up Messy Dutch-  Last but not least, this hairstyle is another go-to for me. When I want to wear my hair down but it’s not cooperating- I go for this braid! It’s SOO cute, it looks like it would be wicked hard, but it’s actually so easy!  Dutch Braid Hairstyles Dutch Braid Hairstyles   Dutch Braid Hairstyles

I hope these hairstyles give you some inspiration to try out more braids! I didn’t film a tutorial because I’m wicked awkward on camera,  so click here is a link for a dutch braid tutorial !!

Thanks for reading!!

XX -Kaylee

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    Great post! Love all looks!

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    Such beautiful hair styles. I’m totally going to do the half up messy dutch! And you too have lovely photographs :).
    Lea, xx

    1. Reply

      Thank you thank you! (: I love the half up it’s so cute (:

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