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My name is Kaylee and I’m a 20 something who is #ObsessedwithEverything! I love being healthy, fit, and happy! Some days I spend hours on Pinterest pinning makeup, hairstyles, and outfits (@Kayleegkarcher), and other days I spend the whole day barefoot outside with my dog! I have so many random interests that it’s hard to put my blog into a specific category, but I LOVE makeup (I took a full makeup artist course), so makeup will take up a majority of my posts, whether it be a review, my favorite tips, or beauty DIY’s! I love fashion, photography, coffee shops, and cool places so a lot of different things will be featured in my blog posts!

So what do I do other than hair, makeup, and fashion?

– Healthy living – Photography – Hot yoga – Lifting – reading – interior design  – blogging – Eating –

  • – Other random things about me that don’t deserve full sentences –
  • – Sagittarius – attempting to fully pursue Minimalism – Firm believer in the Law of Attraction – never miss a quality sunset  – My favorite color is any shade of pink  – Coffee Lover – Animal lover-
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